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Run Your Best Holiday Campaigns Ever

The Holiday Guide to Google Shopping
Expert Strategies for a More Profitable Season



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The holidays are the most profitable time of year, but many online retailers struggle to run effective Google Shopping campaigns during this hectic time. Get your campaigns in order and have your best holiday season yet by learning:

  • Steps to analyze past performance and set new goals.
  • Advanced strategies for structuring your Shopping campaigns to achieve your goals.
  • Methods to accurately measure conversion value.
  • Techniques for optimizing product feeds to ensure shoppers see your ads.
  • Best practices for creating high-converting Shopping ads with compelling product information.
  • Tactics to maximize the reach of your ads through supporting campaign types.

5 Chapters of Holiday Shopping Insight

  1. Analyzing Past Holiday Performance

  2. Tracking and Attributing Conversions

  3. Optimizing Product Feed Data

  4. Structuring Google Shopping Campaigns

  5. Broadening Reach with Search and Display


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